My Bucket List

Actually…this is more of a “Pail List,” because there aren’t many adventurous things on it; but, they are things that I would like to accomplish. Lemme tell ya, this list wasn’t that easy to come by. I don’t know what that says about me: that I already operate in carpe diem, or that I’m kinda dull (shrugs). So without further ado–or much at all–here are twenty-two things I would like to do in 2022:

  1. Take a solo vacation. It may be a couple of miles or a couple of hundred miles. It all depends on the dreaded P-word. Hopefully, this year, our lives will be back to as close to normal as we can get.
  2. Attend an NFL game. In New Orleans. I’m not a fan of football but I do love the Crescent City so there’s that.
  3. Get my credit score above 800. I’ve come close before, so it is definitely attainable.
  4. Get a new plant baby; maybe something with flowers; or succulents. Did I tell y’all I was a plant parent? No? Honey, I got a snake plant: beautiful and low maintenance just like her mamma.
  5. Learn calligraphy and brush lettering…for real this time. I tried in 2018 but couldn’t quite get it. But I’ve decided to commit to it in 2022. I might need to address some fancy envelopes or something (wink, wink).
  6. Make abstract art. Or art. I used to want to be a painter. I would fall asleep to Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting as a kid. But I have brushes. I have little canvases, and I have paint. So…look out.
  7. Write a screenplay. I’ve been playing with the idea of turning Love Over Logic into a movie and pitching it to TV One or BET since about 2017. Wish I would’ve done it then and rode this “black is in” wave that’s probably going to crest soon.
  8. Attend a writer’s retreat. And not the made up one I have in my head. A real, legit, bona fide retreat where I can network and commune with like-minded folks.
  9. Buy a house–probably. It’s the logical thing to do; and I want a backyard. It’s never something I wanted to do alone, but such is my life.
  10. Figure out the “perfect” workout regime. I don’t like exercising, but I like the results. I enjoy evening walks, but the end of daylight savings ruins that during the colder months so I may muster up enough ump to do an online video once a week or so. I need something that I can look forward to.
  11. Read more books outside my comfort zone. I admit: I am a reading creature of habit–chick lit, crime, psychological thriller, and it used to be “no audiobooks.” But since I’ve successfully converted to being a part-time listener of books, I may as well try some genres that I usually pass over.
  12. Be kinder. To others and to myself…we’re quick to cut someone some slack but sometimes we need to do the same for ourselves. Me to me (and you): don’t be so hard on yourself.
  13. Invest. I am closer to retirement age than the legal drinking age, so it’s well beyond time to think about how I will spend my golden years. I would like to do so by traveling and spoiling great nieces & nephews; and you need mean green to do that.
  14. Assign tasks to specific days of the week, like grocery shopping, for example. I only go to the grocery store when I’m out of food (not adult behavior). But if I dedicate my Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon to Kroger and/or Aldi, maybe I won’t be subjected to eating weird stuff for dinner because I don’t want to go out.
  15. Build my brand. I think there’s an audience waiting on me. I can no longer keep them in suspense. Here I come, y’all; hopefully worth the wait.
  16. Start a luxury budget. Back when I was making far less than what I make now, I would always, always set aside a little money to do something nice for myself. Sometimes it wasn’t much–enough for a bottle of nail polish or a sweet treat. But it always made me happy. I don’t know when I abandoned this practice, but it’s time to get back to it.
  17. Take more risks. I’ve never been one to do so. But I’ll never know what can happen if I don’t at least be bold enough to do something I’ve never done or something where I can’t anticipate the outcome.
  18. Procrastinate less. I’m not going to say “stop procrastinating” yet, because it’s a process. For example, today I spent less time unwinding after work and got to doing what I needed to do when yesterday, I told myself that I’d do it later.
  19. Work at being more consistent. I believe life is much smoother when you have a set routine instead of just being a creature of habit. I have to be more intentional at sticking to the schedules that I often create for myself.
  20. Journal more. I have many, many journals (I’ve said this many, many times…LOL). But none of my journals are set aside to record my earnest thoughts or fears, or what’s on my mind. That has to change.
  21. Maintain connections. I’ve got to do better about reaching out to the people in my circle. I’m not a big on-the-phone person, but in this age of technology I can be better at checking in.
  22. Cook. I don’t like it, but I do have a cookbook that I sometimes lovingly flip through, sniffing the pages because it’s such a beautiful book (sigh). I’m going to see about trying one of the recipes inside.

I don’t know how this will turn out, but I know that I am determined to actively work on ticking some things off this list. I’ll update you all on the last post of this year.

Until Next Time,

Inilya XOXO

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Hello! First, I have to tell you this: I LOVE the smell of books! New books, old books, glossy-paged, picture filled books. I will open a book, hold it to my nose, close my eyes and slowly inhale. Okay, I'm so glad that I've gotten that off my chest. If that doesn't make you uncomfortable, then this blog is just for you. I enjoy writing and I often have to keep my imagination at bay as I meander through my 9-5. Please follow and feel free to share with your friends.

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